10 Important Things you should do before getting pregnant

10 Important Things you should do before getting pregnant

Are you thinking of getting pregnant? preparing yourself both physically and mentally are the best things you can do before conceiving, there are some important things you should do before pregnancy to maximize your chances for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

1. Plan a preconception visit

Doctor In Consultation With Female Patient In Office

It’s a good idea to consult with your doctor before you start thinking of getting pregnant, caring for your health before you become pregnant is good for you and your baby especially if you have concerns about your health, or questions about your weight, fertility or genetic disorders, its important become your healthiest self physically and emotionally before you take the next step into pregnancy.

2. Take Folic acid supplement


Consider taking a daily multivitamin supplement of 400 micrograms of folate folic acid, taking this three months or more before conceptions lower the risk of spinal cord defects, experts agree that taking folic acid also helps to prevent some certain birth defects.

3. Limit your exposure to environmental hazards

environmental hazard

 Daily, we get exposed to some environmental hazards that we may not be aware of, exposure to environmental hazards may lead to miscarriage, some certain birth-defects and can even affect a growing fetus, and avoid inhaling some common household substance such as: pesticides,paints,insects, insect repellants both at home and work environment.

Always keep yourself safe from second-hand cigarette smoke and environmental pollution, you need to make some changes before you conceive if your job involves exposure to some certain hazards and try and limit your exposure as much as possible.

4. Be watchful of the kind of fish you eat


Experts agree that pregnant woman should eat some fish while the fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are very important for your baby brain and eyes development protein vitamin and other nutrients and avoid the consumption of fish that tends to be high in mercury such as, shark, sea bass, mackerel, and swordfish probably should not be part of your diet during pregnancy.

5. Avoid smoking & excessive drinking and drugs


Taking drugs during pregnancy causes additional problems women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely than others who have a miscarriage and can put the baby at risk of premature birth defects and infant death.

6. Aim and maintain a healthy weight


 Talk to your doctor about the way to achieve a weight level that suits you for pregnancy, having a low or too high body mass index BMI makes pregnancy complicated for some women, people who are overweight have higher risk of serious conditions including complications during pregnancy while underweight people are also at risk they are more likely to deliver underweight baby.

7. Monitor your caffeine intake


If you are pregnant, limiting or completely avoiding the consumption of caffeine would be a good idea, there is no exact amount of caffeine that is safe to consume during pregnancy expert agreed that pregnant women and those trying to conceive should avoid consuming large amounts to much caffeine, it has been named to the risk of miscarriage, keep in mind that caffeine isn’t just a tea or coffee drink it can also be consumed from other sources like chocolate, soda, and some medicines.

8. Visit your dentist


You may be wondering that what does my periodontal health has to do with pregnancy? However, experts suggest taking care of your dental health should also be considered as a priority thing to do before getting pregnant, as there are chances of getting gum complications during pregnancy, taking care of your periodontal health before getting pregnant limits the chance of getting gum disease,so its time to see your dentist for checkup and make it an habit.

It may not seem necessary to some people but simple health issues should not be taken for granted.

9. Have plans and think your decision through

think work desk girl

 Before you try to conceive, it’s important to have a parenting talk between you and your partner, whether both of you are equally committed to becoming a parent, and have what it takes to handle childcare responsibilities.

10. Save for the last(set a budget for the baby)


Preparing to become a parent you will want to set aside a Budget for your oncoming baby to cater for your child essential needs, babies need a lot of supplies such as clothes, diapers, carrier, car-seat, feeding-bottles, etc, consider the ones you will need before and after birth as well as hospital bills too.

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