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5 Brilliant ways to instantly calm a crying baby

5 Brilliant ways to instantly calm a crying baby

Babies cry for different reasons, it’s the main way babies communicate, it’s also the way they seek attention and express their needs during the early stages of nursing.
New parents may find it difficult to interpret or distinguish the difference between their baby crying sounds, pay attention when your baby cries, as time goes by, you would become better at recognizing different crying sounds to meet your child’s specific needs, you would surely understand over time you would be able to know whether your baby is hungry, needs to change diaper or your baby just needs your attention.

Common reasons babies cry are:

  • Sleepiness or Fatigue.
  • A wet or dirty diaper.
  • Pain or illness.
  • Hunger.
  • Stomach issues (Colic or gas).
  • Wants to be cuddled.

If your baby is crying, basically there are many steps and methods you can use to soothe your baby, but we recommend using Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s soothing method
Dr. Harvey Karp is an acknowledged pediatrician who has put together the 5 ‘S’ method you can use to console your crying baby also known as “The Happiest Baby Method”.


Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s soothing methods

1.Swaddling: Gently wrap your baby inside a thin blanket, this imitates the secure feelings they had in the womb before birth.

2.Stomach Position: Carefully hold your baby by lying them on their side, on her stomach or over her shoulders and always watch after your baby. Note always put babies on their back when going to sleep to avoid “Sudden Infant death syndrome (SIDS)”

3.Shush: Create white gentle noises to lessen the other noises within, like making the ‘siiiiiiiiiiiiii’ or ‘sssshhhhh’ sounds mothers make when calming their crying baby, these sounds come naturally and helps your baby feel secure.

4.Swing: make a rhythmical motion of any kind such as, taking your baby for a ride, jiggling the baby in your arms or back and you can also sing along to help comfort and calm your baby, this imitates the secure feeling they had in the womb before birth when the baby is jiggled and rocked in the course of the mothers movement.

5.Suck: Sucking is the crowning stroke of calming a crying baby, all babies love to suck, offering the pacifier or breast a can help your child relax and stop crying.

Using the 5 S’s method can help comfort and calm your crying baby and gives you the peace you’ve been craving for.


Guide for using the 5 S’s method

In addition to these methods, if your baby has been crying and it seems to be out of control one of the most important thing to consider when trying to soothe your baby is to pay attention to the pitch of the cry and your baby’s body language, check out what the problem may be, whether your baby’s diapers need changing, sleepiness or fatigue, hunger and any other issues that can cause crying.

Consult your doctor if you notice any sign of discomfort or illness.

Important Notice!!!
Never Shake a baby
Shaking usually happens when parents become frustrated when they are not able to soothe their baby from crying when a baby is shaken, the baby shaken syndrome may occur in which the blood vessels in the brain cannot withstand the impact and may cause brain damage, mental retardation, blindness or even death.

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