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Common daily activities you should completely avoid during pregnancy

There are numbers of things a pregnant woman needs to avoid and be cautious of during pregnancy to maximize the chances of good health for both the mother and the developing baby, in this article, we discuss eight(8) things not to do while you are pregnant and reasons to avoid them.

1. Don’t wear high heels

As your belly grows and changes during pregnancy, so as your center of gravity too, you may find yourself a little unsteady on your feet and it can be uneasy when climbing the stairs, it is advisable to stick to 3-inch heels or less.



2. Do not bathe in a hot water tub


Hanging out in a hot water tub may seem perfect to relax in especially during the cold harmattan or winter season.

Taking a hot bath causes a rise in the body temperature which is not too good for your baby, exalted body temperature during the first trimester (1-12 weeks) may lead to some certain birth defects.



3. Monitor your caffeine intake


If you are pregnant, limiting or completely avoiding the consumption of caffeine would be a good idea, there is no exact amount of caffeine that is safe to consume during pregnancy experts agreed that pregnant women and those trying to conceive should avoid consuming large amounts or too much caffeine, it has been named to the risk of miscarriage.

Note: Caffeine isn’t just a tea or coffee drink it can also be consumed from other sources like chocolate, soda, and some medicines.



4. Limit your exposure to environmental hazards


Avoid breathing in second-hand cigarette smoke and try as much as possible to refrain from all kinds of environmental hazards, exposure to second-hand smoke during pregnancy is very dangerous for both the mother and the baby can affect a growing fetus may lead to different birth complications such as,

  • Premature birth.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Low birth weight.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.



5. Don’t Drink


Avoid all kinds of alcohol such as wine, beer, and liquor during pregnancy, if a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, her baby too takes some share from it, there is no safe time to consume alcohol during pregnancy. 

Alcohol absorbs quickly in the bloodstream through the placenta and get to your baby through the umbilical cord which is very harmful and can put your baby to some certain risk such as,

  • Premature birth.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Brain damage, etc.



6. Don’t sit or stand for too long


Staying in the same position for too long during pregnancy is not too good for you and your baby, either you’re sitting or standing.

 Standing for long hours during pregnancy may affect the baby’s growth and compromise blood flow to the baby and may cause swollen ankles or fatigue to the mother.

If you are seated for too long, try and take short breaks frequently to exercise and move around.



7. Avoid self-medication


During pregnancy, you have to be careful of what you ingest, not all prescriptions advice from friends are good to go for, drugs abuse can affect a growing baby,

Speak to your doctor before taking any drugs or supplement.



8. Avoid Fishes with high levels of mercury


experts agree that pregnant woman should eat some fish while the fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are very important for your baby’s brain and eyes development protein vitamin and other nutrients and avoid the consumption of fish that is high in mercury such as, shark, sea bass, mackerel, and swordfish probably should not be part of your diet during pregnancy.

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