How to Care for your baby’s Circumcised penis: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

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Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin covering the head of the penis. Circumcision has been in practice for ages in various part of the world, the reason for circumcision in some families can be religious rights or cultural reasons. Circumcision for newborn babies is usually performed within 10 days after birth, mostly newborns babies today are circumcised as it brings along healthy benefits it’s also beneficial as a result of keeping personal hygiene as it makes the penis easier to wash, low risk of sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infection.


How to take care of baby’s Circumcised penis

After the baby had been circumcised, proper hygienic care is required, After the first days of circumcision, you’ll notice the tip of the penis is quite pinky or red, or a yellowish fluid secretion, it’s a sign that the penis is healing naturally and the healing process may take up to 7-10 days .

Tips to take good care of your baby’s penis

  • Always keep the penis area as clean as possible.
  • When you change your baby’s diaper, ensure no poop or urine is left on the circumcision area and wash with baby mild soap and water.
  • Allow the penis to air-dry after wash or bath, do not towel dry the penis as it can irritate the circumcised area.
  • Do not bath your baby in the tub at the course of healing, stick to the sponge bath only until the penis healing process is complete.
  • Lubricate the penis head with petroleum jelly or Vaseline, Some doctors may recommend wrapping a piece of bandage around the circumcision area before dressing your baby, always lubricate the penis head with vaseline before dressing it with a bandage or change the diaper to prevent the diaper from sticking to the head of the penis.
  • Check the diaper frequently for poop or urine, if left for long can both cause infection or irritation around the penis.

Lastly, if you seem concerned and unsure about the healing process, you can ask an experienced mother for help or if you notice any of the following symptoms which may be a sign of infection which may require medical attention.


Consult your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms below,

  •  Your baby has urination trouble, or he does not urinate after 8-12 hours of circumcision.
  •  there is persistent bleeding from the circumcised area.
  • You sense an unusually foul odour from the penis.
  • The yellowish discharge last more than a week or you notice an unusual discharge from the penis.
  • The head of the penis swells.
  • Persistent redness of the penis after 5 days of circumcision.

After your baby’s penis has been completely healed, there is not much ceremony needed, keep an eye on your baby and lookout for changes in your baby’s body and continue to maintain good hygiene, keeping the penis clean and dry always. 

Sometimes a little bit of the foreskin is left behind after circumcision but not in all cases if this the case of your baby clean underneath it during bat and gently pull it back.

Note: It is normal for baby boys to have penis erections especially when the bladder is full and wants to urinate.

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