How to tell if your baby is full during feeding

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During the nursing stage its important to let your baby feed until she is full and once your baby is satisfied she sends signals that she’s done
Here are some possible signs your baby may give if she is hungry.

Signs that your baby is full

  • Closing of the lips.
  • Trying to fall asleep. 
  • Releases or falls of the breast.
  • Turns away or spits out from the nipple. 
  • Feel relaxed and calm opening of fist, arms or legs and sometimes spits out the food or milk.
  • Slow when sucking.

Note: Avoid overfeeding your baby, sometimes when your baby is hungry and fed, your baby may feed on little quantity and stops, maybe In a case if your breast still seems full, try burping v your baby, check his diaper and change if needed and then offer the breast again, if your baby does not show interest she may not be hungry then.
If your baby has not been eating enough or refuses to latch, consult your doctor or a professional lactation consultant.

How long should I nurse at each feeding?

How long to nurse depend on the mother and the baby concerning some certain conditions too, sometimes the mother has to cut down the nursing time when the nipple becomes sore and cracked and later increases it after cure

But its advisable to allow babies to nurse effectively and as long as they want and the duration they feed depends on their age too, the more babies grow the more efficient they become, newborns during the first week should feed at least 20 minutes or more on each breast.
Vomiting after feeding: if your baby spits too much or vomits after each feeding, even if it is little, talk your doctor about it.

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