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Johnson’s Baby Powder (500g)


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Johnson Baby Powder Keeps Baby Skin Feeling Soft and Smooth. Your skin and your baby’s skin are susceptible to irritating friction. Friction is caused by clothes rubbing against skin and folds of skin rubbing against each other. Johnson Baby Powder is made of millions of tiny slippery plates that glide over each other eliminating friction. Skin is left feeling cool and comfortable.

Johnson Baby Powder is unsurpassed in softness and is hypoallergenic, dermatologist and allergy-tested. And only Johnson has that special, clean fresh scent

Johnson’s baby powder gently absorbs excess moisture to help skin feel comfortable.  With a clean, classic scent, this incredibly soft baby powder formula glides over your baby’s skin to eliminate friction and leave it feeling delicately soft and dry while providing soothing comfort.


  • Quantity:500 grams
  • Material: Plastic


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