the soft spot on babies head the fontannel

What you need to know about the soft spot on babies head:The Fontanel

The soft spot on babies head is called the fontanel, its where different plates that make up the skull have not yet been fused which will eventually come together, the fontanel usually appears to be two which are:
The anterior (located at the front on top of the head) and,
The posterior (located at the back of the head, usually smaller than the anterior fontanel)

However, the sizes of fontanel differ in babies, some babies have large fontanel which may be slower in bonding than the small.
As time progresses, the spot toughens and closes up, the posterior fontanel is likely to close by the time your baby is 2-4months old, while the anterior fontanel is likely to close between the average of 9-18 months old, or even until two years in some babies.

Naturally, these soft spots on the infant skull play a vital role during delivery as it gives the baby head the flexibility needed to squeeze itself through the birth canal.
Some parents feel anxious about touching the soft spot thinking maybe they might injure the baby, Nevertheless, there is no need to worry about touching  the soft spot, it is covered by a though membrane to protect it, and the risk of getting hurt through the fontanel is low.

Sunken Fontanel: If the soft spot is sunken, that-is, drawn in, it is a sign of dehydration(when the baby does not have fluid in his body), However, the sunken fontanel may occur if the baby is ill and does not get enough fluids or nutrients.
Visit your doctor if you notice the persistence of the sunken appearance or any signs of dehydration.

Bulging fontanel: This is a state whereby the soft spot swells up or looks full, which may be a sign of infection which requires immediate medical attention, the soft spot may puff out a bit when the baby cries and return to the normal position later.

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