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how to tell weather your Baby getting enough breast milk or not

How to tell whether your Baby is getting enough Breastmilk or not

Most new mothers are usually concerned about the quantity of breastmilk their baby is getting, but its obviously impossible to see the quantity of milk your baby is getting, however every mum wants to be certain their baby is getting enough nutrition needed for growth.

What are the signs that my baby is getting enough breast milk?

You can tell your baby is getting enough:

  1. if your baby is gaining a noticeable weight.
  2. if your baby seems full and satisfied after eating and nursing.
  3. if your baby’s bowel movements are regular and produce up to 3-6 wet diapers a day.
  4. if your baby is alert when he is awake.
  5. There is a steady flow of milk from your breast when your baby feeds.
  6. if your baby feeds up to at least 8- 12 times in a day and feels very well and latches properly and feeds up to 20 minutes on each feeding.

What are the signs that my baby is not getting enough breast milk?

You can tell your baby is not getting enough:

  1. if your baby does not seem like he is gaining enough weight.
  2. if your baby usually feels empty or less full and soft after nursing. 
  3. if your breast often feels full and hard after nursing which may be caused by your baby’s inability to get most of the milk out.
  4. if your baby seems often hungry.
  5. if you notice that your breast milk flow is not steady.
  6. if your baby’s bowel movements are not regular and he is wetting fewer diapers in a day.

How often should I breastfeed my baby?

It’s quite simple, the answer is as often as your baby demands it. Infants have little stomach and breast milk tends to digest easily, and quickly absorbed in the digestive system which may make your baby hungry more and want to be fed often. 
Its important to know the number of times you breastfeed your baby daily and sometimes offer the breast even if it’s not asked for as for breastfeeding helps to create bonds between the mother and the baby and you also learn to understand your baby more and tell if he/she is hungry or not. Consistent breastfeeding also encourages the supply of milk, frequent breastfeeding is helpful as it increases the mother’s prolactin level which is responsible for adequate milk supply.

If you are unsure whether your breastfeeding is going well or concerned about your baby is not gaining enough weight or breastfeeding has not been comfortable for you consult your health care provider for advice and checkup.

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